BLUEPALMGLOBAL has relationships with various LNG  Suppliers and Buyers worldwide. The following are specific product(s) in demand. Offers are subject to availability, market condition, and prior resale. Petroleum products are traded on an FOB basis or CIF based on port of loading and destination.

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As the name implies, Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is natural gas in its liquid form. The conversion of natural gas to a liquid is called liquefaction. LNG is formed by super-cooling natural gas through a refrigeration process that lowers the temperature to -260° Fahrenheit (-162° Celsius) reducing its volume by a factor of more than 600 to one.

LNG can then be safely and economically transported in specially designed vessels over long distances. Once it reaches its intended market, LNG is unloaded from the ships and stored as a liquid until it is warmed back to a gaseous state. This clean-burning natural gas can then be transported through pipelines for distribution to businesses and consumers, or used as fuel for the generation of electricity or Transportation.​